Defining Happiness

While growing up I imagined my life to be filled with a lot of excitement and adventures, and of course ideally Happy. Partially true to my imagination, my life is full of the adrenaline rush though not always with positive excitation. Over the years I have come to realize that 'Happiness' is just relative. You know what the old adage says "Happiness is where you find it, not where you Seek it." I have learned to find happiness in all the little things in my life and in the happiness of the people around me.

I have been redefining happiness for myself, starting with taking my son as my inspiration. As parents we teach our children a lot of things but there is a lot we can learn in return from them. Although their innocuous contributions often contribute to making them easily happy, that easy happiness for little things is a valuable quality we adults can benefit from having. There is nothing too small to give us great joy. My son thinks that his happiest moment is when I play his favorite-baseball game with him. His beaming smile and the twinkle in his eyes are enough to make me happy.

Happiness has become a state of mind between the vicissitudes of life. It is these intermittent moments that have made me value Happiness and helped me balance my joys and sorrows. It's only when we go through the ups and downs that we can appreciate happiness for what it is. So let us work on finding our happiness.

Source by MaryAnn Roche

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