The New Year on the Times Square

The Times Square has been the magnet for hundreds of thousands of the New Year jesters for almost 100 years. If you are ready for one of the largest and popular parties of the New Year, this is the right place for you.

You have probably seen this unchangeable ritual in numerous Hollywood films. The New Year crystal ball two meters in diameter and having the weight of 480 kilograms is let down from the skyscraper. 40 masters compile the glaring ball consisting of 504 crystal triangles. At 23.59 exactly it begins its descend, accompanied by enthusiastic shouts. Pushing one another people begin embracing, congratulating and kissing each other, and that ball goes down to the ground. Midnight comes, and the crazy crowd is buzzing about coming of the New Year. However, those who have already seen this, claim the following, "I have been waiting for this moment the whole year, and the moment when the ball lights up above the Times Square justifies all my hopes".

People stay everywhere, from the 43rd to the 59th streets and from Broadway to the 7th avenue. You may admire the best views, if you occupy a place along Broadway from the 43rd to the 53rd streets, as well as along the 7th avenue. Dress yourself as warm as possible and put on the warmest socks! If you have planned to go anywhere or visit anyone at this majestic night, refuse this idea. You will not find any transport in the neighborhood, since the traffic is stopped till 6 o'clock in the morning.

There is also an interesting New Year ritual in New York at the Times Square. You can get rid of all your worries for the past year in a very special way. Many people that have tried this – told that this simple and free action really helps.

Source by Iuri Tarabanov

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